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"Why aren't you saying owt?" See also 'nowt' as in the phrase "can't get owt for nowt" meaning "can't get anything for nothing." oy See "oi".Once you have filled in the sign-up form at the top of this page, we will take you through to our online granny slags database.The British band Queen released an album called At the Beeb in the UK and it had to be called "At the BBC" for US release.Randy (informal) having sexual desire, (now more common in the US because of the Austin Powers franchise) (US: horny ) ranker an enlisted soldier date zum sex or airman or (more rarely) a commissioned officer who has been promoted from enlisted status the ranks" rashers * cuts of bacon.Also used more broadly to apply to anyone who uses their job description in a deliberately obstructive way.According to a popular folk etymology, this phrase derives from cannonballs stowed on a brass triangle named after a "powder monkey" (a boy who runs gunpowder to the ship's guns) spilling owing to the frame's contraction in cold weather.7 whinge (informal) complain, whine, especially repeated complaining about minor things (e.g.116 wog (offensive, term of abuse) member of an ethnic minority, especially a brown one.Scran (informal) food scrubber a lower class, (usually young) woman of low morals scrumpy cloudy cider, often high in alcoholic content scrumping action of stealing apples from an orchard; also.This is one of the reasons why we feel Granny dating has had the success it has.(occasionally used in the US) (US and UK also: nut, nutcase ) OAP Old Age Pensioner (US senior citizen ) off-licence / offie a store for alcoholic beverages which must be imbibed elsewhere (US liquor store ) off-the-peg of clothes etc., ready-made rather than made.
Gear-lever / gearstick handle for changing gears in a vehicle or other machinery (US gearshift 50 ) gen (informal) information, info (short for "intelligence (US: intel) get off with someone * (colloquial) to begin a sexual relationship 51 52 Geordie a person from Newcastle upon Tyne."He's a proper hero" (US: "He's a real hero provisional licence, provisional driving licence a licence for a learner driver, who has not yet passed a driving test (US: learner's permit ) pub short for public house (US: bar ) publican the landlord.HOW OUR dating site works, in just 4 steps you could be meeting dirty older women for sex 3 reasons that make OUR site SO partnervermittlung polnische frauen de erfahrung popular.Derived from cack, meaning "fæces (feces with reference to the tradition that only the left hand should be used for cleaning the 'unclean' part of the human body (i.e.Cashpoint automated teller machine.The word can also be synonymous with skew-whiff."butty - Definition of butty in English by Oxford Dictionaries".Minging (from the Scots ming "to smell strongly and unpleasantly 70 rhymes with "singing disgusting, dirty; unattractive.Occasionally used in the.S., but not to define any particular type of lawyer.For Scotland, see advocate.