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Thanks Regards Tino anmeldung adult friend Mirabello From: Matt Barnes Subject: wow, that takes me back Date: 8 February 2011 Debbie, I stumbled across your page by accident while reminiscing over Gary Moores death today, on, watching the 2SM Rocktober concert at the opera house in 1978.
Paul Marx was good dating apps, die kostenlos sind the news director and I worked with some great SM journos - the late, lamented Jim Angel, Colin Bridge, Lloyd Jones, Glenn Roach, Ian O'Neil, Terry Mabb, Trevor Hazledene and Roland Pierotti.
It was a sad day when I got my dads Sun Herald and found Ron E had also jumped ship.Four weeks after the show, I had 3rd row seats to Queen at the Ent Cent.I do some casual work here for 2CC, so I guess what Wayne and I have dubbed the Sacred Station (for its cultural significance as well as its old religious connections) still has a positive impact on my life to this day.I was also on jukebox jury.I wrote in and won a slot on the programme.(i was so nervous meeting Frank Fursey and Charlie Fox that I think I was the quietest and most boring person they ever had on there!I have seen 2SM charts in the Mitchell Library.Rod Muir gave me a start as a jock from Brissy in March 1969.I sex vor der Begegnung mit Eltern still love going to see live music, and luckily some of my friends have stayed the same too, so I've always got some company.Its been a few years since I last wrote to you.
Anyway great site its fantastic to reminisce, Ive ordered your book as well and Im really looking forward to reading it especially Vanda Young and I agree with you that Evie is the classic Australian song.
These were the days when 'punters' were welcome, indeed, encouraged to watch the goings on a time when there was something to watch,.e.Thanks for the wonderful memories of the concert on your website!Ml At the bottom of the article I have put a link to your website.And the fact I was having a ball in Melbourne.One small date, I left 2SM in April 1983 ( I resigned on April Fools day.When I was news director on the Gold Coast Ugly Phil O'Neil told me they were worth around 100 each and that was about 10-12 years ago.2SM rocks back on the net Date: Thu, Congratulations on making the net a better place with so much crap on your site is a pleasant surprise sadly the station we both know and love has passed into the blackhole of calcutta (pardon the pun).My good mate Wayne Mac alerted me to your efforts some weeks ago, and, well I thought it about time to say 'well done'.I did work experience at the 'glass palace' in 1980.

I still come back to Sydney town.
A bloke I know named Steve Bamford sent me your link.
Sparx and Lee Simon and also David White.