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gemeinderat jobs sussex

Gagnon - Coordinator, Global Network Against Weapons Nuclear Power in Space.
War of military occupation and for the setting of an early date for the withdrawal of all.S.Tim Carpenter - Director, Progressive Democrats of America.Daniel Ellsberg, eve Ensler - Playwright and Founder, V-Day.Government, the military, the corporate merchants of war, and all institutions that feed the continuing conflict in Iraq.John Dear - Jesuit Priest author.Medea Benjamin - Co-founder, Global Exchange and Co-founder, Code Pink.It is a war which violates both the.S.To the millions who have marched, lobbied Congress or otherwise protested the war in Iraq, we call on you to continue your opposition, and to join together with others in nonviolent resistance to this immoral and unjust war.Frida Berrigan - National Committee, War Resisters League.Catholic Peace Fellowship* and author of Diary of a City Priest.
The great initiative in this war is ours; the initiative to stop it must be ours.
Tom Hayden - Professor and author.
For the sake of our humanity; for the sake of justice; for the sake of peace in Iraq, we must act now.Noam Chomsky, gordon Clark - Coordinator, Iraq Pledge of Resistance.As the carnage increases and the military quagmire deepens in Iraq, the prospects for peace may seem dim and the momentum of war strong.Current endorsers of the Call as of March 1, 2005, list in formation (Please note that we are also encouraging and collecting organizational endorsements of the Call.Our democratic voices of dissent joined with an unprecedented anti-war movement around the world.Military bases in the country must be removed; and we call upon frauen suchen mann fur eine nacht Washington to provide funds to aid in the reconstruction of the damage caused by the illegal US war.A National Call for Nonviolent Resistance to the Continuing War in Iraq.Norman Solomon - Syndicated columnist author Rabbi Arthur Waskow Ann Wright - Resigned as US Diplomat in opposition to Iraq War Celeste Zappala - Military Families Speak Out* and Co-founder, Gold Star Families for Peace* Howard Zinn.