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In this week's scary issue, we learn that the real reason that gold and commodities will zoom, zoom, zoom is that we have GOT to have a bubble in something, and pretty damned soon, too, if we are to survive as an economy!
The lesson is not that the markets are full of crooked bastards, but that absolutely nothing has changed concerning the current Mogambo Certified Rating (MCR) of Uber-Bullish about silver, except for the justified increased cost to the people who want to borrow money to make.
I smile, as nothing could be easier, my precious Mogambo grasshoppers!Which won't be long in coming." Amid cries of "Prove it, mighty Mogambo!" and "Show us the proof, idiot Mogambo!" and "Stop trying to peek up my skirt, creepy pervert Mogambo!Officer (Matheis Director of Operatio GT-phrase Geschäftsleitung, Mitglied der Chief Fin.although I note for the record that they were slyly suggesting all kinds of forbidden things (wink, wink!) back when they were interviewing for the damned jobs!Ml.man könnte vieles fett schreiben - eigentlich fast alles :hihi I love him :kiss.This is about as weird as this week's installment of One Interesting Mogambo Statistic (oims which is that savings and other deposits at the banks are on track to register what looks to be their biggest (by far) one-month gain in history; up 125 billion.And anyway, it usually turns out that the kid had nothing to do with the price of gas, but instead the price of gasoline is up because the purchasing power of the dollar fell!This week, I don't know what scares me most; the Federal Reserve increasing Total Fed Credit (which is the legendary "money from thin air" that banks use to make credit, which gets borrowed, which turns it into money, which increases the money supply, which makes.It read that the ministers of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries said "Soaring commodity and raw material prices are increasing the cost of oil and gas projects by up to three times.Paul Kasriel of Northern Trust writes "The year-over-year growth in the LEI has done an excellent job of foreshadowing the onset of recessions.Verfahren) delivery scheduling (scheduling agreement) MM Lieferplaneinteilung (allg.
And the dollar fell in purchasing power thanks to the horrid Federal Reserve, which has been creating excess money and credit with their every waking moment since the dreadful moment when that hideous creature of fraud and corruption was created in 1913, which was (as.I calmly and graciously hold up my hand to silence the crowd.George Ure of m, took a look at the latest CPI release, and notes that the annualizing the latest monthly rise in prices equals.4 inflation!So, no silver in silver-town from the silver-shop since opening in 1892!" I shake my head in disbelief!RP Gehaltsanpassung salary adjustment RP Gehaltsart salary type RP Gehaltsbestandteil pay element RP Gehaltsgruppe salary group HR Gehaltsgruppenbezeichnung pay scale grouping HR Gehaltsmodifikator wage type modifier RP Gehaltssprung salary jump RP Gehaltssteigerung pay increase HR Gehaltsüberweisung pay remittance HR Gehaltsvorstellung desired salary RP Gehaltszahlung payment.Now it is all reduced in value, thanks to the fall in the dollar and the attendant rise in interest rates, and which is all now losing money for the lenders!RF Vorzugsaktie sex Täter Registrierung 63116 preferred stock RF Vorzugsaktie preferred stock VV-SEC Vorzugslieferant preferred vendor RM-MAT Vorzugslieferplan preferred scheduling agreement RM-MAT WA-gebucht posted for goods issue SD Waage scales IS-R-online Wählleitung switched line DP Wahrheitsgehalt validity RM-CAP Wahrheitstabelle suchtig nach sex frau truth table RF-GL Wahrheitstabelle truth table RM-CAP Wahrheitswert logical value.Which makes the price of silver go up, which validates my point; buy silver bullion, and lots.

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The metal itself isn't even worth the value of the coin.' He then sighed and said in that great British accent, 'Rubbish really.' " Ahhh, the fabled British reserve and understatement!